This is me in 3 words:

Open-minded, Enthusiastic, Inquisitive.


Things that make me smile:

Mountain lakes, sleeping in, learning something new, a letter in the mail (that is not a bill), spending a warm summer night outside with friends.


I teach yoga because:

Teaching Yoga is a way to share what I profoundly believe can be medicine for body and soul.


~ Lessen Julia ~

Vinyasa | As you start to walk on the way, the way appears (Rumi) | Vrijdag 17.00 - 18.00 | De Zeearend

Dive into a Vinyasa yoga practice where you set an intention for the yoga weekend ahead and let the path unfold as your begin your journey. 


Therapeutical Yoga | Revealing Body Patterns | Zaterdag 15.00 -16.30 | De Monnik

Our bodies shape around experiences, whether these are physical or emotional injuries, daily physical activities as much as inactivities. This class is for everyone who wants to slowly explore the movement patterns of his/her own breath, body and mind. 


Therapeutical Yoga | Hips don’t lie | Zondag 11.00 - 12.00 | De Fazant

Have you ever felt your left hip feels different to your right in daily life, maybe even more during your yoga practice? Your hips actually reveal a lot about what is going on not only in the hips themselves but even more in the rest of your body. This class is for everyone who wants to get a better understanding about the physical patterns revealed by his/her very own body.


Yoga Festival Schiermonnikoog is onderdeel van Stichting Yoga in de Natuur.